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2023 Rule Changes

Rule L4.6.14 New Rule: Electronic on-line scoring to be mandatory.

Rule L5.3.4 Rule Deleted. No 50p administration fee for new player registrations.

Rule L7.5.3 Compensation to Home opponents increased to £100 Away team conceding a match.

Rule L8.17 Both Captains and Umpires to now be involved in playing any mutually agreed reduced overs games.

Rule L8.18.1.2 Use of Duckworth Lewis Stern* in “Exceptional Circumstances” along with interruptions for ground and weather interruptions.

Rule L8.18.1.4 Additional waiver time of “3 minutes/over” where the side batting first is all out prior to the start of the last over.

Rule L8.23.1.8 Rule Deleted to allow names and squad numbers on the back of shirts.

Rule L8.24 New Rule: Protocols for all clubs who live stream and film cricket matches.

Rule L10.5.1.4 Umpires who officiate on their own to receive DOUBLE expenses.

Rule L10.6.3 Clubs must register the names of all regular CUs; DBS no. & ECB ACO Stage1 level ref no with Admin Sec by 1st April each season.

Rule L10.9 New Rule: All members of the UA who officiate in Premiership or Championship matches are to be marked by both Captains.

Rule L10.10 New Rule: Any stand-in umpire (whether substituting for an absent Club Umpire, or a Panel Umpire) must be at least 18 years old.

Rule L12.3 Later submission date for any Rule Change Proposals. 

Rule C2.7.1 Clubs may stage or host any non-cricket event or function on the scheduled day of the Sykes Cup Final.

Rule C2.7.2 Clubs wishing to hold, or allow to be held, an organised cricket match on its cricket ground on the scheduled day of the Sykes Cup Final. must apply for and be granted permission by the Executive. This will not unreasonably be refused.

2023 Experimental Rule Changes

Conditions of play (See Handbook):

  1. Start Time 12.30pm in all 50 over games.
  2. 40 over games - Alliance 3 & 4.
  3. In Alliance: 12 overs max/bowler, and Leg side wides +5 LS fielders max.
  4. Some restrictions on promotion and relegation.
  5. Use of DLS instead of DL*

T20 Trophy & Shield (See Handbook)

  1. Unrestricted bowler’s run up.
  2. New slow overate penalty involving more players in 30yd zone.
  3. Use new ball.
  4. Semi-Finals on Sundays.
  5. Waiver Time in Semi-Finals & Finals.

T20 Trophy only

  1. Group games to be played on two Sundays.
  2. Mandatory coloured clothing.