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2019 Rule Changes

Rule L7.5.4    
A team conceding a league game shall also be penalised 2 pts for first concession, 4 pts for second and 6 pts for each further concession.

Rule L8.15.3 & Rule C4.2.1.3
No 30 minute delay before Rain Rule is implemented, and 1 over deducted
for every 3 mins, instead of 3.5 mins lost due to ground/weather issues.

Rule L8.1
MCC Law 42.1.4 - a batsman at the wicket may deputise for their captain.

Rule L13.10.3.2 & Rule L13.10.4.1
Clubs to return all league winners trophies by 1st Aug instead of 1st July and Hopkinson Trophy & Schweppes Cup by 1st Oct instead of 1st July.

Rule S3.2
If 1st X1 are eliminated from the Sykes Cup no player shall be eligible to play in the Paddock Shield from Rd1 if he has played more in 1st XI than 2nd XI.

Rule S3.4
On day registration to play in Prel & R1 of Paddock Shield subject to L9.2.

Rule L9.1.1.3
If a player becomes eligible for 2nd XI as a result of suspension, he will for the purpose of this rule, be deemed to have played in all games during his suspension.

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