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What's it all about?

Life is busy for many of us which is one of the main difficulties in the Umpires Association’s recruitment of fresh umpires to the current roster. Currently one of the stumbling blocks is that you have to commit a large amount of time throughout a  season but we are rectifying this by setting up a pool of umpires that are available for 1,2,20 games a season. 

OK. so how can I help?

A way the Huddersfield League can alleviate the current predicament, which is a consistent  downward trend, is with the introduction of a new scheme to introduce interested people into the world of umpiring; the Pool.

The Pool is a system completely independent to the Umpire’s Association but is designed and run with the intention of offering the best support on occasions where umpiring numbers are particularly affected with shortfalls in the roster. Effectively, the pool is run by the league, for the league with the solo goal of ensuring as many matches as possible are officiated fully.

I can't contribute a lot though...

Anyone with a keen love of cricket is welcome to the pool. There is no obligation to stand in an particular match or a need for a long-term commitment. If you’re able to fulfil only one fixture per season it is still a valuable contribution to the pool, the more the merrier. Perhaps you’re a current player with a few free weekends or even a recently retired player who wants to still be involved on the field of play but only wants to be involved for a select number of matches? You may have umpired in the past but fallen out of love with it for whatever reason? Any contribution you can make is a step in the right direction.

Sounds good. I'm in. What next?

If you’re keen on joining the pool, fill the registration form to record your interest and take it further. 

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