2014 results


All results are normally updated on an evening, or the day after a matchday. Click on one of the dates below for the results on that day.

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League Results

Gameweek 1
Sat Apr 19th
Gameweek 2
Sat Apr 26th
Gameweek 3
Sun Apr 27th
Gameweek 4
Sat May 3rd
Gameweek 5
Sat May 10th
Gameweek 6
Sat May 17th
Gameweek 7
Sat May 24th
Gameweek 8
Mon May 26th
Gameweek 9
Sat May 31st
Gameweek 10
Sat June 7th
Gameweek 11
Sat June 14th
Gameweek 12
Sat June 21st
Gameweek 13
Sat June 28th
Gameweek 14
Sun June 29th
Gameweek 15
Sat July 12th
Gameweek 16
Sat July 19th
Gameweek 17
Sat July 26th
Gameweek 18
Sat Aug 2nd
Gameweek 19
Sat Aug 9th
Gameweek 20
Sat Aug 16th
Gameweek 21
Sat Aug 23rd
Gameweek 22
Sun Aug 24th
Gameweek 23
Sat Aug 30th
Gameweek 24
Sun Aug 31st
Gameweek 25
Sat Sept 6th
Gameweek 26
Sat Sept 13th

Sykes Cup / Paddock Shield Results

First Round 2nd Round Quarter Final Semi-Final Final

Oddfellows / Earnshaw Cup Results

First Round Quarter Final Semi Final Final

Twenty20 Trophy / Plate Results

Pool Round 1 Pool Round 2 Pool Round 3

Quarter Final Semi-Final Final

Heavy Woollen / Crowther Cup Results

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