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Player Transfer Rules

The Huddersfield Cricket League refers to the YCB Rule 9.2 with regards to player transfers:


9.2.1     A Club affiliated to a member League as in 4.3 or a member being an individual Club  ( which in all circumstances implies Officials, members or society interested in that Club) shall not approach or negotiate with any player of any other Club similarly associated with the Board for the purpose of securing his services without asking the player's Club, in writing, for permission to do so. The permission may only be withheld if there is an outstanding obligation by the player and must, otherwise, be sent in writing or in the case of a player moving to a club in another League be sent on an official YCB Player Transfer Form, to the requesting Club within 14 days. Complaints arising under this Rule should normally be settled by the Clubs and/or Leagues involved. Failing settlement, appeal should be made to the Board whose decision shall be final.

9.2.2.   A player shall not negotiate with a Club affiliated to a  member  or with a member being an individual club unless he can produce written permission from his present Club. Such permission must be provided within seven days unless the player has outstanding obligations to that Club and in the case of the player moving to a club in another League be sent on an official YCB Player Transfer Form.

The player shall have the right of appeal to the Board whose decision shall be final should he consider permission is being withheld without just cause.         
9.2.3     Where a player is a bona-fide member of two or more clubs, affiliated to (a) Member Saturday League(s) , his./her registration shall only be held by one of those clubs. Any movement for playing purposes between these clubs shall comply with all the transfer requirements of other sections of the rule.
When a Club has teams in more than one League, arrangements for the movement of players between the Leagues concerned should be agreed with the respective Leagues prior to the commencement of the Season.

9.2.4.  Should a player registered with any Member club, being under the age of 21 and not being capped by any County Club, be invited to play with the Yorkshire Academy team, he may do so and subsequently return to the club with which he is registered without the need for a  YCB Player Transfer Form to be completed in either case.

9.2.5.   A player moving clubs for the following season must have the necessary YCB Player Transfer Form, letter or certificate from his previous club certifying that he has no obligations, financial, disciplinary or otherwise to that Club. In the case of a player moving to a Club in another League, an official YCB Player Transfer Form MUST be used. This form constitutes a registration with a new club for the following year and the player is registered with his new club upon completion of the form. Any further change of club can only be by consent of the parties concerned following the procedure in the first paragraph. Where a player has entered into a written contract with a club for the following year and in the event of a subsequent wish to further change clubs, the club for which he has signed the contract is deemed to be his previous club and the contract, unless terminated by consent, means he has an obligation to that club. Copies of all completed transfer forms must be submitted to the League Secretary concerned.