This is Castle Hill Cricket Chat! The official podcast of the Huddersfield Cricket League.

Castle Hill Cricket Chat is presented by Jamie Harrison and joined by regular contributors Andrew Crawshaw, Steven Whitwam and Jacob Mulhall. Between us we boast a wealth of experience on the pitch (well, Jamie aside!) and all four have an incredible amount of passion for club cricket.

We'll discuss pressing issues of the league including recent matches played. We'll also dip into the byegone times with a guest, club's Champagne Moment or nostalgic piece.

NEW Season Prediction GAME


Our fun game of predicting the top teams in the main three divisions, along with the leading runs and wicket scorers for the Premiership. No prizes, unless someone would like to submit one for a mention on the show?

Score 5 points for a correct placing and then -2 points if your selection doesn't make it into their respective category.

The new season game will be open soon!


Who Are They?




Jamie draws from the intense experience of his only match for Delph & Dobcross 2XI in 1992, in which he stood at third man for 45 overs, fielded four balls and wasn’t required to bat.

Since (and before) then he’s been banished to the scorebox and kept a record of almost every run scored and every wicket taken for over thirty years.

His spare (!) moments are spent as the Media Secretary of the Huddersfield Cricket League.



The dulcet tones of Mr Crawshaw have been heard many a time by batsmen at the opposite end as his finger raises up, or by the plentiful listeners at Pennine Radio. Andrew has presented radio phone-ins where he harnessed the up-and-down passions of Huddersfield Town supporters. He's also featured as a correspondant on Sky Sports, most famously from a riveting 0-0 drawn between Burnley and Leicester City. Since he stopped, their stars have indeed risen!

Andrew is well known in his white coat around the grounds of the league and especially more so in his more recent position as the host of the Huddersfield Cricket League annual dinner.



"Cobber" as he’s affectionately known, is the only member of the team who’s introduction all but speaks for himself.

Following an illustrious and prolific club career as an all-rounder with Scholes and Golcar that has spanned over twenty years, Cobber has recently broken the Huddersfield Cricket League batting record for most amount of runs scored, for which he received a special award in 2019.

He has also been awarded the all-rounder of the year on no less than seven occasions. The frightening thing is that there are still many (some!) years left in the tank!



Jacob brings his youthful enthusiasm to the team - a much needed balancing element! Although he would admit to being an old cricket purist trapped in a young person's body.

The former Lepton captain and current Golcar opening batsman has a penchant for detailed stats, and if you're a regular listener, you'd understand he becomes incoherant after many drinks. Quite the problem for an audio podcast.

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Latest News & Transfers

Champagne Moment

Jamie, Andrew and Steve discuss the action on the field in the various competitions in and outside the Huddersfield Cricket League. Remarkable matches, surprise defeats and the form sides from the top three divisions will be heavily focused. Out of season we’ll turn the focus towards rule changes that have been put forward for submission, player transfers and previews to the coming season.

We invite members of a club to discuss about a particularly memorable cup final, campaign or moment that's eched in time for them. We're looking for those who'd like us to feature their special 'Champagne Moment'.



Got out on 49 or 99? It's likely your valiant efforts won't have gone entirely to waste. We feature and sometimes discuss those crushingly frustrating cricket moments!




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In this week's episode, we were back with a bang as we welcomed our co-host Jacob Mulhall from his Aussie adventures! We also had a special treat...

10th May 2024


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