matches 2011 performances


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Individual Performances

Batsman For Against Date Section Score
J. Sadler Hoylandswaine Slaithwaite 26th June Premiership 145
P. Naidoo Hall Bower Paddock 2nd July Championship 126
H. Jones Armitage Bridge Lascelles Hall 17th April Conference 189
P. Davis Skelmanthorpe Cawthorne 1st May Sykes Cup 130

Bowler For Against Date Section Wkts Runs
D. Robinson Barkisland Elland 11th Sept Premiership 8 34
D. Del Prete Clayton West Emley Clarence 14th Aug Championship 9 64
I. Shah Thongsbridge Micklehurst 15th May Conference 8 33
C. Glover Shepley Skelmanthorpe 13th June Sykes Cup 8 26

Team Performances

Team Opposition Date Section Score
Honley Hoylandswaine 16th May Premiership 372-7
Emley Clarence Clayton West 3rd July Championship 356-4
Armitage Bridge Lascelles Hall 24th April Conference 348-4 †
Delph & Dobcross Paddock 11th July Sykes Cup 368-3 †