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Best Performances of 2017 

The best individual performances by a player all season.

Includes matches up to Sun Jun 4th 2017.

Player For Against Date Section Score
WILES Liam Cawthorne 1XI Delph & Dobcross 1XI 03-Jun Premier 181
RASHID Qaiser Sheikh Linthwaite 1XI Lascelles Hall 1XI 06-May Championship 146*
MOBEEN Mirza Muhammad Almondbury 1XI Emley Clarence 1XI 13-May Conference 159
DIMBYLOW Christopher Armitage Bridge 2XI Scholes 2XI 03-Jun Premier Two 130
SHALLOW Hiram Edgerton & Dalton 1XI Marsden 2XI 13-May Championship Two 190
BROTHERS Liam Shelley 2XI Mirfield 2XI 06-May Conference Two 178*
HUSSAIN Asif Muhammad Lepton Highlanders 1XI Holmfirth 1XI 30-Apr Sykes Cup 180
MARSH Phil Shepley 2XI Delph & Dobcross 2XI 30-Apr Paddock Shield 123

Player For Against Date Section Wkts Runs
WHITWAM Steven Golcar 1XI Broad Oak 1XI 03-Jun Premier 7 27
AHMED Zahed Lascelles Hall 1XI Kirkheaton 1XI 22-Apr Championship 7 14
PARKES George Cumberworth United 1XI Hall Bower 1XI 03-Jun Conference 7 9
IQBAL Javed Hoylandswaine 2XI Cumberworth United 2XI 27-May Premier Two 8 1
WILKINSON Tony Holmfirth 2XI Birkby Rose Hill 2XI 29-Apr Championship Two 8 20
AZAM Yasir Lepton Highlanders 2XI Lascelles Hall 2XI 15-Apr Conference Two 8 20
KHAN Zeeshan Lascelles Hall 1XI Linthwaite 1XI 30-Apr Sykes Cup 6 30
MOORHOUSE Marcus Holmbridge 1XI Denby 2XI 23-Apr Paddock Shield 6 11

Player For Against Date Section Ct
BUTTERS Matthew James Broad Oak 1XI Armitage Bridge 1XI 06-May Premier 4
SYKES Joe Shelley 1XI Meltham 1XI 22-Apr Championship 3
CLEE Danny Marsden 1XI Mirfield 1XI 22-Apr Conference 4
LINDLEY Ben Honley 2XI Clayton West 2XI 29-Apr Premier Two 3
IQBAL Asif Golcar 2XI Cartworth Moor 1XI 03-Jun Championship Two 4
FERGUSON Gareth Emley Clarence 2XI Thongsbridge 2XI 06-May Conference Two 3
KEMP Tom Thongsbridge 1XI Cawthorne 1XI 30-Apr Sykes Cup 4
TIFFANY Mark Ian Marsden 2XI Edgerton & Dalton 1XI 23-Apr Paddock Shield 3


Player For Against Date Section Ct St Total
ROUNDING Michael Moorlands 1XI Scholes 1XI 03-Jun Premier 3 2 5
BIRKHEAD Bradley Rastrick 1XI Holmfirth 1XI 22-Apr Championship 1 3 4
TURNER Oliver Almondbury 1XI Thurstonland 1XI 15-Apr Conference 4 0 4
GREAVES David Kirkburton 2XI Clayton West 2XI 22-Apr Premier Two 3 0 3
MYERS Gareth Holmfirth 2XI Holmbridge 1XI 03-Jun Championship Two 5 0 5
FARAZ Muhammad Umar Edgerton & Dalton 2XI Denby 2XI 29-Apr Conference Two 6 0 6
WEBSTER Luke Skelmanthorpe 1XI Lepton Highlanders 1XI 04-Jun Sykes Cup 5 0 5
WOODHEAD Chris Honley 2XI Skelmanthorpe 2XI 04-Jun Paddock Shield 6 0 6