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How much do you know about our 125 year old league? Now is the chance to put your knowledge to the test with a 40 question, five round quiz. To alleviate the quarantine blues, the quiz will be streamed live via our YouTube or Twitter live streams. A direct link will be created in the period running up to the quiz.

All you need to join in at home is to tune into our YouTube channel or the Twitter livestream at around 6:45pm on Saturday 2nd May. Arm yourself with a pad and pen, or if you have access to a printer you can print off our official quiz sheets ahead of the event. It costs nothing to enter, and it is all just for fun after all so nothing has been put up as a prize. The quiz will begin at 7pm and is expected to last for around 90 minutes.

If you can’t make the quiz at the set time, an interactive online quiz form will be available after the end of it. As for the questions, well-known Honley and Joe Lumb team scorer Tim Hirst has helped to compile the quiz with a range of questions that cover the past 30 years and beyond. Our media officer Jamie Harrison will present the quiz on the night. Big thanks to Tim and his broad range of knowledge from his time being involved.

The quiz will be able to be accessed digitally to play if you miss the live stream. Check back soon for the link.


Play Via Our Stream

The Questions

You can rewatch the quiz stream below. Fast forward to about 20 minutes for the start of the quiz as there are a couple of holding screens. If you want to play along and send in your scores, you can simply send them to us via our Twitter account.

Tip: You can expand the screen by clicking the icon in the bottom right hand corner.


We logged the scores who played along during the live stream. How does yours stack up?

1    David France 34
2    Daryl Brook 31
3    Carl Jump 30
4    Mark Turner 28
5    Les Harrison 27
6    Richard Holmes 27
7    Josh Brook 26
8    Conor Woodruff 24
9    Matt Butters 24
10    Grant Jones 24
11    Phil Senior 24
12    Danny Rushworth 24
13    Will Mott 23
14    Sean Mee 23
15    Glenn Senior 22
16    Paul Addy 17
17    Aiden Jump 13
18    Ian Rounding 13

Play along via the questions below. The answers are at the bottom.

Vintage Lineups

1.1    Lorraine (x2),France, Higginson, Biram.  All players featured in the early 1990s, but for which club?

1.2    Shanawar, Haigh, Bowers, Sadler, Wightman, Wharton, Tomkins, Allette, Nugent, Clarke, Stones, Hirst (scorer) This lineup is from 1990 but for which former team?

1.3    Nuttall, Airey, Hinchliffe, Wiles, Hampshire, Shillitto, Potter (lots!). Can you name this former club?

1.4    Dack, Smith-Butler, Binks, Mace, Haigh. This lineup is from the early 90's players but for which current club?

1.5    Higgins, D.Hinchliffe, J. Hinchliffe, Boccarro, Tyas, Bridge. Name BOTH teams they ALL played for? A point for each club.

1.6    Ibrar Latif (Batting),Usman Malvi (Bowling),Duncan Allen (Fielding),Josh Clarkson (Wktkeeping). All players who finished top of their respective disciplines in a particular season. But which season?

1.7    Bray, Clee (Many),Butters (a few) and Kyle. Staples of a mid-00's team, but which one?

1.8    Fraine, Gardiner, Booth, Nasir were batters 1-4 for a team in the 2004 Sykes Cup Final. Name the team?

Professional & Overseas Cricketers

2.1    Which county cricketer won the young player of the season for two consecutive seasons?

2.2    Yorkshire's Scott Richardson has played for three league clubs. Can you name the club he had the longest association with? Bonus point if you can name the seasons from and to

2.3    Alex Morris spent seven seasons with Hoylandswaine between 2010 and 2016. Which county did he leave Yorkshire for in 1997?

2.4    Joe Carter spent three different spells at Scholes cricket club scoring 3,630 runs. Which nationality was Joe?

2.5    Australian Keiran Ashby scored 785 runs at Kirkheaton in season 2003. Which other Huddersfield League club did he sign for in 2006?

2.6    Sri Lankan all rounder Muthu Pushpakumara spent two prolific campaigns at Shelley. But which club did he first play for in the Huddersfield Cricket League? Bonus point for the year.

2.7    Name the overseas player for Kirkburton in 1986 / 1987 and Almondbury in 1995?

2.8    South African cricketer Paul Van Den Berg took 185 wickets over three seasons for which club?

Cups & Finals

3.1    Who were the last non Premiership / Section A club to participate in the Sykes Cup final?

3.2    What was the name of the short format competition, that immediately predates the current T20 format, played between 2003 and 2006? Bonus point for the last winner of it.

3.3    In the 1990's, Meltham won the Byrom Shield in three consecutive seasons. Can you name the first of those seasons?

3.4    Who was the player who won the man of the final award following the 2009 Golcar v Elland Sykes Cup Final

3.5    Which club was the first winners of the T20 Trophy competition in 2007?

3.6    Which team hosted and won the Sykes Cup final in 1991?

3.7    With 13 in total, who has the most Paddock Shield victories?

3.8    In Shepley's 2011 Heavy Woollen Cup victory against Gomersal, name the two centurians for Shepley. A point for each one.

Players & Officials

4.1    Richie Howarth was a prolific bowler for Honley. How many times did he take over 50 wickets in a season?

4.2    Name the legendary Elland 1XI scorer - 1984 onwards

4.3    Ben Raven-Hill captained the Huddersfield Joe Lumb team to success in which year?

4.4    Delph and Dobcross won Section B in their debut season. Name the year? For a bonus point, name any one of four players with surname beginning with J.

4.5    Former Huddersfield Town footballer Andy Booth is associated with which club?

4.6    Who is "Cobber"? For a bonus point, name both of his clubs from 1998 onwards.

4.7    Which current Drakes Player is a former Love Island winner?

4.8    Which former league official (recently deceased) was an excellent quizzer winning 15 to 1 and Brain of Britain?

Club Trivia

5.1    Which former club were commonly known as “The Pips”, “The Hillers” or “Pip Hill”?

5.2    Which two clubs is the furthest distance apart as the crow flies?

5.3    Which two clubs lie adjacent to each other? A point for each club.

5.4    Halifax featured in Section B in the late 1990s. Name their ground? For a bonus point what would you find there now?

5.5    Name the year Scholes joined the league?

5.6    Jodrell Bank is visible from which former Drakes club?

5.7    Ponker Nook Lane is behind which ground?

5.8    The 300-year old Brooksbank School is closest to which ground?

Vintage Lineups

1.1    Bradley Mills

1.2    Huddersfield (Old ICI club)

1.3    Kexborough

1.4    Slaithwaite

1.5    Honley and Skelmanthorpe

1.6    2014

1.7    Marsden

1.8    Lascelles Hall

Professional & Overseas Cricketers

2.1    Tom Craddock (2009, 2010)

2.2    Kirkburton (1999-2004)

2.3    Hampshire

2.4    New Zealand (Or British, he has a dual nationality)

2.5    Delph & Dobcross

2.6    Meltham (2005 -  665 runs | 40 wickets)

2.7    Tommy Hardiman

2.8    Clayton West

Cups & Finals

3.1    Kirkheaton (2004 vs Lascelles Hall)

3.2    The Examiner Eights. Shelley.

3.3    1996

3.4    Craig Horner (accept "Jack" Horner)

3.5    Scholes

3.6    Slaithwaite

3.7    Broad Oak

3.8    Tom Denton (148),Tim Rees (113)

Players & Officials

4.1    Three times (2007, 2011 and 2013)

4.2    Geoff "The Pencil" Harris

4.3    2006

4.4    1999 (Jewitt, Jump, Joubert, Jones)

4.5    Hall Bower

4.6    Steve Whitwam (Golcar and Scholes)

4.7    Max Morley

4.8    Leslie Duncalfe (Booth on 15-1)

Club Trivia

5.1    Primrose Hill

5.2    Hoylandswaine to Delph (2,741m)

5.3    Mirfield and Moorlands

5.4    Thrum Hall. An ASDA supermarket is there now.

5.5    1988

5.6    Micklehurst

5.7    Skelmanthorpe

5.8    Elland