CCHC Pod #17 - Kris Whittaker (Skelmanthorpe)

CCHC Pod #17 - Kris Whittaker (Skelmanthorpe)

11 Aug 2021
“That season in 2007, we signed Amit Dani two or three weeks before the start of the season and then this guy just rocked up at the club and that was the dawn of Andrew Clarke. It just revolutionised that side. The first game against Honley they were unplayable.”

Kristian Whittaker, our guest for episode 17, is a Skelmanthorpe lad and has spent around twenty years on and off with the club he holds dear. He’s immensely proud to have an incredibly successful sister - Jodie - that many will have seen on screen. But whilst his thespian sibling rides around in a blue police box in front of millions, Kristian is most happy being a key component of ‘Shat Bangers’; Skelmanthorpe’s colourful second team who have reached this season’s main cup competition; the Paddock Shield. We’ll preview that and also discuss Kristian’s career up to date.

Kristian reflects on a unique career that has taken him to South Africa where he coached cricket in his younger days, and talks about the challenges forced upon him in family life, and balancing it with the club he loves. 

Also featured on the show are our regular duo; Andrew Crawshaw and Steve Whitwam as we go through our usual features such as ‘The Opener’ and round up the weekend action. The Huddersfield Cricket League U21’s take on a select Marylbone Cricket Club XI so we’ll look at the youngsters who will be stepping up to take them on in this annual fixture.

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