Domestic Cups Backed By Clubs

Domestic Cups Backed By Clubs

13 Dec 2022

Huddersfield League Clubs gave their overwhelming approval to all domestic trophies in the roster of rule change submissions for season 2023, of which there were 25 submissions in total, with 14 carrying as rule changes for the new campaign.
Clubs were given the option to opt out of the Sykes Cup, Paddock Shield, Oddfellows and Earnshaw Cup but chose instead to continue to support  continued involvement in each trophy rather than devalue any. All cups only received a 27.5% majority (the benchmark for carrying a rule change is two thirds) except the Earnshaw Cup which had precisely half of clubs backing an opt-out option.
Panel Umpires will now be marked by captains in a further overhaul of the current system in preparation for becoming an ECB League. Clubs voted 35/5 in favour whilst officials who are left to staff matches alone will receive double the pay; an increase from one and a half times the rate. An Executive submission to ensure all club umpires are at least trained to the basic ECB ACO level (in addition to be DBS checked) was also passed by clubs. This achieved the 27 vote benchmark with 13 clubs deciding to vote against the notion.
In further umpire-related submissions, increased umpire involvement when reducing the game can now only be permitted to be shortened once both umpires and captains are in agreement (36 for, 4 against). Also, players will need 18 years or older to stand in as a square leg umpire in a club proposal which received 39 votes to one against.
Clubs are now free to hold their own appropriate events on the same day as the Sykes Cup Final in a first change to this rule in over 100 years. They will require prior agreement from the Executive a month before, to hold a cricket event, but all non-competing matches are expected to be given the green light by league officials. An overwhelming 100% majority were in favour of this revamp.
Steps towards modernising the amateur game included squad numbers and names to be allowed on playing shirts (subject to criteria on placement) (31 for, 9 against), Electronic on-line scoring using the play-cricket app will be mandatory (33 for, 7 against) and clubs that are live streaming and filming of cricket matches will have a set of guidelines to meet (37 for, 3 against).
You can download a full breakdown of the rules revision results and supporting document below:
2023 Rules Revision Submissions (PDF)
2023 Rules Revision Results (PDF)


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