Last Six Matches Trophy

Last Six Matches Trophy

13 Sep 2018

With a match left to play for all teams except those in Cedar Conference Three, there is still an opportunity for silverware with a trophy awarded to the team with the most points acquired in the final six matches of the season. Title winners are exempt from winning either the Hopkinson Trophy or the Schweppes Cup.

We refer to rule L7(f) with regards to teams on the same number of points:

In the event of two or more teams having the same number of points, positions in the League table shall be determined by reference to the results obtained during the season in the following order of priority:
1) The most number of wins achieved.
2) The highest points per game average achieved, exclusive to all head to head games amongst the two or more teams.
3) The better, or best, average of runs achieved, for and against per wicket.

In the event of clubs having the same number of points over the last six games of the season, the above criteria (over the last six games) will apply to determine outright winners of the Hopkinson Trophy and Schweppes Cup.

Hopkinson Trophy (1XI Teams)

Cumberworth UnitedCedar Court Conference1530
HoylandswaineDrakes Premiership2226exempt
Broad OakDrakes Premiership1526
ShepleyDrakes Premiership1526
Almondbury WesleyansJedi Championship1325
FlocktonJedi Championship Two824

Schweppes Cup (2XI Teams)

Congratulations to Kirkheaton 2XI who have already won the Schweppes Cup. Golcar 2XI would be automatically exempt with a further victory.

UpperthongCedar Court Conference Three1436exempt
KirkheatonCedar Court Conference Three1336winners
GolcarJedi Championship Two1730exempt

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