Rule Changes for the 2017 Season

Rule Changes for the 2017 Season

8 Dec 2016

At the AGM the following rule amendments were agreed having reached the necessary 2/3 majority in the votes cast by the clubs:

1. In all 2nd XI league and Paddock Shield games each team shall bowl a maximum of 45 overs. Each bowler shall be allowed to bowl a maximum of 9 overs

2. Where a cup match extends into mid week, the maintenance of the wicket may commence earlier than the 20 minutes prior to the start of play previously permitted, provided it is done in the presence of an umpire.

3. September (only) start times revised to - 12.30pm for 50 over games, and 1.00pm for 45 over games.

4. Any dispute relating to the result sheet posted on the website shall be resolved within 7 days. After this time the details of the result shall stand.

All other rule change proposals were voted to remain the same.


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