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Key Rule Changes for 2016 Season

23rd April 2016

A number of rule amendments have been made for the upcoming season. Here are the key changes to be aware of.

1. Rule L1e) 
The League Cups, Oddfellows (1XI) and Earnshaw Cup (2XI), have been discontinued.

2. Rule L7f) 
League points: 4 points for a tie instead of 3 points previously.

3. Rule L7d) 
New procedure to follow when a home club has to call off a fixture.

4. Rule L8b) 
Admission fee to 1st XI cricket changed to: Concessions £1.00

5. Rule L8k) 
All scoreboards to show “overs to bowl” and not “completed overs”.

6. Rule L8m)2) 
Fielding Circle with at least 4 fielders inside at all times in 2nd XI cricket.

7. Rule L8o) 
Rain Rule: 30 mins of interruptions to be allowed before any deduction of overs from the 2nd Inns, and consequent revised 1st Inns total calculation/s.

8. Rule L8s) 
There is a new Sports Agency to call the results in following matches: COOMBER’S (01274 584295).

9. Rules C2f) and C5a) 
For Sykes Cup / Paddock Shield matches prior to semi finals, the home club will pay the umpires’ expenses. If a gate is taken receipts to be shared after the umpires have been paid.

10. Rule C4a) 
Sykes Cup Preliminary Round games shall be subject to an abridged “rain rule”, and finish on the day. There will be no mid-week evening cricket.

11. Rule TT6/TS6 
Home club to pay the umpires’ expenses instead of shared between clubs.

Please check the rules section for each competition. All new amendments are marked in red text.