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Saturday 18th May


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Shepley 131-5 (T Denton 80no; R Howarth 5-52)
*Honley 119-9 (M Joice 36; L Wiles 3-26, C Glover 3-42)
Shepley win 5pts, Honley 1pt

*Skelmanthorpe 73 (Y Golwalkar 5-28, M Salerno 3-12)
Hall Bower 77-0 (W Hussain 50no)
Hall Bower win 6pts Skelmanthorpe 0pts

*Delph & Dobcross v Scholes - No play
Delph & Dobcross 2pts, Scholes 2pts

*Elland v Kirkburton - No play
Elland 2pts Kirkburton 2pts

*Golcar v Hoylandswaine - No play
Golcar 2pts, Hoylandswaine 2pts

*Marsden v Holmfirth - No play
Marsden 2pts Holmfirth 2pts

*Shelley v Barkisland - No play
Shelley 2pts, Barkisland 2pts.


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Cawthorne 176 (D Hoyle 40, P Cairns 31, L Skelly 29; S Armstrong 4-56, T Barber 3-28)
*Clayton West 152 (T Barber 45, K Rank 26; C Walmsley 5-26, P Cairns 3-40).
Cawthorne win 6pts, Clayton West 0pts

*Linthwaite v Lepton Highlanders - No play
Linthwaite 2pts, Lepton Highlanders 2pts

Meltham v Broad Oak - No play
Meltham 2pts, Broad Oak 2pts

*Slaithwaite v Thongsbridge - No play
Slaithwaite 2pts, Thongsbridge 2pts


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*Denby 173 (M Smith 52, A Hodgson 39; O Pearson 4-71, K Hussain 3-46)
Rastrick 92 (M Smith 5-26, S Payne 4-17)
Denby win 6pts, Rastrick 0pts

*Moorlands 169-5 dec (C Lloyd 55no, S Lane 41, O Rounding 32no)
Denby Dale 83-7 (A Amos 31no) - [Match abandoned; bad light]
Moorlands 2pts, Denby Dale 2pts

*Armitage Bridge v Almondbury - No play
Armitage Bridge 2pts, Almondbury 2pts

*Cumberworth United v Almondbury Wesleyans - No play
Cumberworth United 2pts Almondbury Weslyans 2pts

*Kirkheaton v Emley Clarence - No play
Kirkheaton 2pts Emley Clarence 2pts

*Paddock v Lascelles Hall - No play
Paddock 2pts Lascelles Hall 2pts

Sat 18th May


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*Barkisland v Skelmanthorpe - No Play
Barkisland 2pts, Skelmanthorpe 2pts

*Broad Oak v Armitage Bridge - No Play
Broad Oak 2pts, Armitage Bridge 2pts

*Cawthorne v Honley - No Play
Cawthorne 2pts, Honley 2pts

Meltham 164-2 (J.Boyd 90*, J.Hinchliffe 52*)
*Holmfirth 165-3 (M.Battye-wood 80, M.Bocarro 30)
Holmfirth 5pts, Meltham 1pt

*Hoylandswaine v Golcar - No Play
Hoylandswaine 2pts, Golcar 2pts

*Kirkburton v Elland - No Play
Kirkburton 2pts, Elland 2pts

*Scholes 145-7 (P.Birkhead 43; T.Payne 3-40)
Slaithwaite 146-4 (G.Holroyd 33, R.Bruce 35, H.Garside 33)
Slaithwaite 5pts, Scholes 1pt


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*Emley Clarence v Clayton West - No Play
Emley Clarence 2pts, Clayton West 2pts

*Hall Bower v Shelley - No Play
Hall Bower 2pts, Shelley 2pts

*Lepton Highlanders v Delph & Dobcross - No Play 
Lepton Highlanders 2pts, Delph & Dobcross 2pts

*Shepley v Marsden - No Play
Shepley 2pts, Marsden 2pts


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*Almondbury v Cumberworth United - No Play
Almondbury 2pts, Cumberworth United 2pts

*Almondbury Wes v Kirkheaton - No Play
Almondbury Wes 2pts, Kirkheaton 2pts

Moorlands 145-6 (D.Pauley 29, O.Myzak 53*; J.Greig 3-31)
*Denby Dale 127-6 (D.Firth 30, D.Firth 26)
Moorlands 5pts, Denby Dale 1pt

*Lascelles Hall v Denby - No Play
Lascelles Hall 2pts, Denby 2pts

*Rastrick v Linthwaite No Play
Rastrick 2pts, Linthwaite 2pts

Paddock 142a.o. (S.Nawaz 57; K.Malcolm 4-45)
*Thongsbridge 148-7 (A.Kemp 78*)
Thongsbridge 5pts, Paddock 1pt