CCHC Pod #13 - Tom Graham (Slaithwaite)

CCHC Pod #13 - Tom Graham (Slaithwaite)

24 Jun 2021
“I got sort of thrown in the deep end if I’m being honest. I was sitting quietly in the back and then next thing the Chairman was stepping down and they needed someone to do it. Five years down the line I’m still trying to push the club forward.”

On this week’s Castle Hill Cricket Chat podcast we take a slightly different angle in and around club cricket when welcoming our next guest to the show; Tom Graham from Slaithwaite.

Tom has been a key component at Slaithwaite for a decade now; starting as someone who plays just as much in the seconds as in the firsts. He’s someone who has had to step up on countless occasions to serve his club well. But he’s just as important off the field as chairman of the committee to oversee the good work that many cricketers take completely for granted. He makes sure all the gears, cogs and elements are all working in good order, like some kind of cricketing battleship.

On the pitch, as we approach the halfway point of the season Moorlands made a big statement in their Byrom Shield by inflicting a first home defeat on Hoylandswaine in the most dramatic of circumstances. We discussed this and many more matches from the Premiership to the Conference from the weekend.

The T20 group stages drew to a conclusion too so we have a quick peek at what’s next in store for the top two teams in each group. Have a listen to the show below or subscribe to it via one of the many Podcast playing apps that are out there.


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