CCHC Pod #47 - Allan Greenwood (Skelmanthorpe)

CCHC Pod #47 - Allan Greenwood (Skelmanthorpe)

13 Apr 2023

With the opening day within reach now, the Castle Hill Cricket Chat podcast talked to the tenth skipper in this mini-series; Allan Greenwood from Skelmanthorpe. 

As always, distilling the thoughts of all those main men at each Premiership club - the cricketing brains you might say - has been varied and interesting and this was no exception. Allan Greenwood, a T20 Shield winner with his side in 2021 and led Skelmanthorpe to Premiership safety with a tenth place finish last term. Along the way they had some memorable wins and some standout performances, however he needs to get that 'difficult second album' perfected this time round as we got to know just how they're geared up on the eve of another thrilling season.

Allan's opening day opponents are Scholes - always a tough assignment - so he gave us his thoughts; just like Scholes skipper Benji Birkhead did a few days before.

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