Rules Revision Results

Rules Revision Results

14 Dec 2023

Clubs Split On Radical Cup Proposals

The December AGM revealed the results of the draft of rule change proposals put forward by clubs and Executives with a radical modernisation of the flagship Sykes Cup competition polarising clubs.

A move by a club to give the Sykes Cup a modern spin was met with divided opinion by the rest of the clubs with a proposal for coloured clothing and an orange ball receiving split votes of 19-19. An extra proposal which would reduce it to 40 over matches yielded similar results with 18 voting in favour and 20 against. Interestingly, Premiership clubs opted to stick with tradition and enthusiasm for an overhaul was more prevalent lower down the pyramid.

Mandatory teas in the top two divisions was met with a cool reception as the proposal for keeping the traditional teas only gained 11 votes, which perhaps is a reflection on the current trend of the rising cost of food and the struggle to attract volunteers to prepare them.

Sluggish bowling performances was the focus on several proposals with a fielding circle penalty which forces teams to field an additional fielder in the 30-yard fielding circle for every over which goes over the allotted time. 30 clubs were behind the proposal to ensure each innings finishes punctually. Clubs stopped short on more draconian measures such as a captain suspension (4 four, 34 against) and on more extreme repeat offences, points deductions (14 for, 24 against).

The Executive Committee’s proposals, mainly to raise certain fines in line with inflation received a mixed response. The fine for playing an unregistered player was approved and doubles from £20 to £40 with 29 clubs agreeing with the committee. However fines for failing to submit match sheets on time, slow over rates, failing to vote at the AGM and non-attendances will remain at existing levels. Similarly, the league’s bid to reserve the right to tweak and add rules which would only enhance the future of the league and streamline the process didn’t gain enough support with only 11 clubs voting in favour.

You can find a full breakdown of the rules revisions results via the document here: Rules Revision Results


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