Statement: Meltham 1XI

Statement: Meltham 1XI

25 Aug 2018

Due to the procedures regarding the registration of a player not being adhered to appropriately, Meltham CC in line with Rule L6b) (“A team playing an ineligible player shall, be fined £20 and have six points deducted from its league record for each contravention. It shall also forfeit any points gained from the match........”), have had 81 points deducted from its playing record and have been fined £180.

The rule has been applied to the 9 league games the club's 1XI has played from June 23 - August 11 inclusive. The 81 point deduction is made up by the loss of nine lots of 6 points plus the loss of the points gained in the fixtures v Almondbury (6 points), Clayton West (6 points), Skelmanthorpe (6 points), Lascelles Hall (6 points), Slaithwaite (1 point) and Lepton Highlanders (2 points).

As a result of the above:
Almondbury and Clayton West will have 6 points added to their record.
Skelmanthorpe and Lascelles Hall will have 4 points added to their record (2 performance points already awarded).

The Executive is extremely saddened to have to take such harsh measures but have a duty to enforce the rules of the league.

Meltham CC have been informed of the above and intend to lodge an appeal.


Following the Council meeting on Wednesday 5 September and following Meltham's appeal, the orginal decision made by the league was carried through.


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