Statement Regarding Gameweek 2

Statement Regarding Gameweek 2

It is evidentially clear that during this month of April we've experienced extraordinary amounts of rainfall. Conversely, we've also seen the hottest April day on record! 

Taking the decision to postpone and then rearrange Gameweek 1 has already made a fixture headache in potentially delaying the T20 Finals Day until September. Rearranging whole days of fixtures creates more chaos and generates far more double-header weekends than most players are happy with. As a committee it is our duty to protect the integrity of the Drakes Huddersfield League and making a decision which in all likelihood would cause teams (particularly at 2XI level) to take the field with players missing. Therefore we have no alternative to press ahead with Gameweek 2's fixture programme. We hope you can appreciate the predicament this puts the league in when making key decisions regarding fixtures.

Sunday is also the All-Rounder Sykes Cup and Fired-Up Corporation Paddock Shield Preliminary Round matches and due to the cancellation of the previous weeks cricket we are already scheduled to play on the reserve date. A result must be obtained via playing the match, or if that isn't possible a bowl-out. If again, this is not possible then as a last resort a match will be decided on a straight coin toss.

It's worth looking through the ECB's Get The Game On website to ensure as clubs you are doing everything possible to play.


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