T20 Shield Preliminary Round Statement + R1 Draw

T20 Shield Preliminary Round Statement + R1 Draw

12 Jun 2019

In view of the particularly poor recent weather, coupled with the forecast of continued incessant rain, it has been decided to postpone tomorrow's Brook Miller Mobility Ltd T20 Shield Preliminary Round.

The Preliminary Round will now be played on Thursday 20th June, with Round 1 now being played on Thursday 27th June (the official reserve date for R1 games).

We hope that in making this decision relatively early it will ensure minimum disruption for players. officials and supporters, and reduce the need for any unnecessary travel.


The First Round draw of T20 Shield following the preliminary round outcomes is now as follows:

Rastrick v Meltham
Lepton Highlanders v Clayton West
Emley Clarence v Denby
Slaithwaite v Upperthong
Edgerton & Dalton v Linthwaite
Elland v Cumberworth United
Flockton v Kirkheaton
Lascelles Hall v Mirfield


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