CCHC Pod #20 - Leadership Election Special

CCHC Pod #20 - Leadership Election Special

2 Nov 2021

Episode 20 of Castle Hill Cricket Chat comes in a different flavour. To many listeners to the podcast, it may be surprising to learn that there is a leadership election about to take place in the coming days; only the second time it has happened in over thirty years.

Chris Ridler; a nomination from Holmfirth Cricket Club that has been put forward to contest the Chairman’s position. Currently Trevor Atkinson is in the position and has been in situ for precisely ten years since the stepping down of the late Roger France in 2011.

Leadership elections are a little like the solar eclipses. There's not many who would clearly recall one before the previous one (it was in 1988!). However, we’re here now and potentially it is one of the most important moments with the two candidates offering very different propositions.

Mr Ridler, who previously held a position as an officer of the league in 2019 and has been running his campaign for a few months now, holds some strong views on how he would expect to run the league. Mr Atkinson has overseen the league since 2011, a period which saw the most changes and developments in its 127 year history as the league adapts to rapidly evolving times. Now, clubs can have the opportunity to decide on which candidate will be the best custodian for the long term future of the Huddersfield Cricket League with the results due at the AGM on December 1st.

The guys on the podcast were joined by Mr Ridler where his manifesto’s key points were discussed; distilled into five key areas. Mark Binns, the current administration secretary was on hand to comment on some of those key points within the challenger’s policy. 

Note: Election forms are sent to clubs on Wednesday 3rd November 2021. Listen to the podcast, speak to your clubs rep and get your votes in!

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the show.

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