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Ramadan - Cricket tea rules

Ramadan_2016Around the 7th June 2016 the holy month of Ramadan will commence, and will last for 29-30 days. For those of Muslim faith this involves, amongst other things, refraining from consuming food and drinking liquids, from dawn until sunset. As a consequence of this there will be potential implications with regard to Rule L8(q) "the visiting team shall purchase no less than five teas, or alternatively contribute the total selling price" for teams comprising of all or mainly all Muslim players.

During the month of Ramadan, we ask that Rule L8(q) be relaxed for any visiting teams comprising of all or mainly all Muslim players, and that those visiting teams be allowed to purchase less than the specified minimum number of five teas.

We also ask that in order to be allowed the relaxation of Rule L8(q), that such visiting teams inform the Secretary of the home club of the number of teas required, no less than 72 hours before the start of play. Failure to do so will mean that Rule L8(q) may be enforced by the home club.

During the month of Ramadan it is also expected that any host clubs with a predominantly Muslim membership will provide teas for visiting teams and also free teas for the umpires and visiting scorer, at all matches. 

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