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Umpires Urgently Required

6th Dec 2017

The Umpires Association are currently experiencing a critical shortage of umpires for the 2018 season and beyond which has reached a unprecedented level. Last season many 2nd XI matches were officiated by just a club umpire; an unqualified local volunteer associated with a home club. If the trend continues we will find that this will start to impact on 1st XI matches too.

With the new season quickly approaching, a fresh recruitment drive for volunteer umpires to join the Umpires Association is now underway. Without new umpires, cricket at local level is under serious jeopardy so now is a chance for you to make a difference to the sport that we all love so passionately.

Are you an ex-player who hasn't been involved in the game for a while? Maybe you're a club supporter, or simply hold a strong interest in cricket in general and you'd like to be involved on a social basis? Local league umpiring has many unique benefits helping you reignite old friendships or forge new bonds with cricketers in the Drakes Huddersfield Cricket League.

The Umpire's Association - in conjunction with the ECB - will be conducting an Umpiring Level One training courses in the new year. The fee is £30 although the Drakes League are happy to rebate half of that fee on qualification.

For further information and for availability on the Umpires Level 1 course, please contact Ron Tindall directly on 01484 664002 or 07860 137162.

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